An original NFT collection launching november 17th - 21:00 UTC


Creating the biggest treasure hunt ever on Solana solana logo



Our concept can be summarized into two points:

1- We are NFTs creators. Our collection represents mental disorders and we tried to work on our creations so that all the attributes are making sense. We already have delivered some 🎨 sneak peeks of our collection and we hope you like the art.

2- We also created a creepy universe 👁, related to our collection, where you can be nicely rewarded. Through a scenario of our invention, you’ll have a lot of puzzles and enigmas to solve. Each enigma leads you to a word, and its order. When you have every words, then you have… A seed phrase, giving you access to a wallet full of SOL. Incredible. If you are the first to resolve every part of our treasure hunt then… You win the whole pot! It’s currently worth 27 SOL, but we assure you it will continue to grow! 💰

Our long term goal is to become the biggest treasure hunt creators in the Solana NFTs community. And we are so happy that you are here to support our first story!

The mint price is fixed at 0.75 SOL.

You can already explore our univers and solve our firsts riddles and find 6 words.

If you want to, visit our discord, twitter and website then start using your brain 🧠 to find words.


Yes, It's a little bit long 📚

Will the mint have anything to do with the treasure hunt?

Yes. We can't say how at the moment, but the NFTs are involved in an important way into the whole process!

How much NFTs?

There will be a total of 3333 Disorders. No one more.

What’s mint price?

The mint price is fixed at 0.75 SOL

When mint date?

17th November, 21:00 UTC

How much NFTs are locked for marketing?

We currently have reserved 33 NFTs from our collection for marketing (giveaway, partnership, prize pot… etc). So when it’s time to mint, you should see only 3300 (or maybe more if we don’t need them all) NFTs remaining, that’s totally normal.

What’s the purpose of each category of our Discord server?

Contrary to most of Discord servers, we have created two different categories, OOC & ROLE-PLAY, where you should act differently. This is made for us to bring our universe in each and every part of the project.

What does « OOC » mean?

OOC means « Out Of Character ». This is the place where you can talk of everything and act like you want, you don’t need to role-play there.

What does "RP" mean?

RP means « Role-Play ». In this part of the server, please be kind and play your role with us and the doctors…

What should I do once i’m in the Discord?

Explore, play, create some memes, resolve the enigmas, discuss with other patients… But please never make noise in the corridor!

Where should I start the treasure hunt?

The first enigma is logically available where you have to find the password to access this Discord's server, that's to say in the dark room. Then, you can check out in 🔍 clues discord's channel for the next hints, if needed, but remember that our website and our discord are some great places for enigmas.

What’s this 3D room I’ve been through?

This 3D room is created for you to discover more precisely Disorder’s universe. There, you can explore, interact (a bit), and continue your treasure hunt while finding the Discord’s password. As you’re reading this, you might have already found it, so remember that this is the 1st word of our adventure. If you took it from the spoiler tag then… we recommend you to take a look at this room. This will probably allow you to better immerse yourself in our universe!

Note : Sometimes, this room takes a while to load. Wait a few minutes and if it still doesn't appear, then refresh. Most of the time, you can get into this room after you've proven your patience.

Where can I find the enigmas & their informations?

As this is a huge treasure hunt, you can find enigmas anywhere on our websites/social medias/discord. If you’re a bit lost, just check out 🔍 clues channel, where Doctor N regularly posts some messages that could help you getting on the right path.

Can I find two enigmas in the same place?

No. That's it. That's the answer.

What is a « pill » and what is « room »?

As we needed vocabulary for our role-play, we decided to rename « enigmas » and « words ». You’ll find words through resolving enigmas, so the rooms are enigmas, and the pills are the word (mostly because you need them!).

How much enigmas are available?

At the moment, you can only play with 6 enigmas (that you have to find then resolve), but we have prepared a total of 12 enigmas for the 12 words of the seed phrase.

What should I do once I resolve an enigma?

Once you think you have resolved one of our enigmas, then check your answer twice! It would be sad that you’ve made a mistake the day you will need them to access the wallet. More seriously, just write them somewhere you can easily access later, and you will use them once you have them all to access the wallet. Just like a normal wallet.

Why don’t you use any whitelist/presale process?

We currently have planned no whitelist because we believe in the values of fair launch. For this reason, we will never give some « pre-mint access » to any influencer just for them to promote our project. We are fully dedicated to you. Since the beginning, we did everything we can do to create an organic community, and we love the fact that there’s currently no bot on our server. We’d rather prefer 700 humans than 3000 humans & bots.

OH AND BY THE WAY : our mint will be something VERY special, so we think that each and every member of this Discord server will have his chance to mint fairly.


Hope you'll like. Tell us what you think in Discord.

SHORT TERM ~1 month

roadmap short term

MEDIUM TERM 2-4 months

roadmap medium term

LONG TERM 4-12 months

roadmap long term


Create the lore and the riddles

First and foremost, we have created the entire universe and puzzles for our Season 1. Everything is ready to go, and we are gradually unfolding our plot and creations as our community grows. We want to surprise the players, so we’ll keep silent about it (and Doctor P might read this...).

Create and upload our collection

All our NFTs are already on the blockchain. Some projects wait until they have a large enough community before putting anything online, because it has a cost. This is not our case: we know we are building a quality project. It may take time, but we are sure that the players and the public will appreciate our creations.

Organical community growth

As you can see in our medias (discord/twitter) our community is growing slowly, and we don’t worry about that. Because we want above all a human community. That’s why we don’t do invitations for a seat in whitelist nor stupid promotions with accounts only followed by bots (we see you...).

MINT (17th november)

The mint is planned for november 17th, 21:00 UTC. Don’t expect our project to be instantly sold out. As said in the previous point we are a long term project and sold out could take days (Unless there is a huge hype by then).

After mint, our collection will be available on many platforms, which have already pre-approved our listing.

Reward the winners & our holders

As you know, there’s a big reward for the winner. We also plan to reward 2nd and 3rd place with SOL.

The first 3 to solve the whole riddle will also receive an NFT representing their trophy!

To thank our early supporters, we will take a snapshot about 48 hours after mint, and each holder will receive a special «leather trophy» in memory of our first season. Some may even be surprised to find SOL in their wallet...

Gifts to the community

333 real paintings representing your Disorder and 333 hoodies representing our lore will be offered randomly to the holders of our collection, in order to give a place in the «real world» to our creations.

We also will occasionaly select random holders to reward them: royalties, physical editions of the walktrough... etc.

Publish the walkthrough

After the winners are announced, Season 1 will remain playable FOREVER. For free. Some of you are here for the game, not necessarily for the reward, and we respect that. Thank you, that makes us very happy

Since the season will remain available, but we may be less present to answer questions about it, we will publish a PDF version of the walkthrough, so that everyone can understand the universe and help themselves if they get stuck on the puzzles.

As a thank you, we will also select the Disorder of some of our holders, who will appear in this document and receive lifetime royalties on future season launches.

Preparing for Season 2

Even though we are completely focused on the story and puzzles of Disorders, we are already working on season 2 of our project. And even though we are looking to the future (see the section on the long term), we are particularly attached to the Solana ecosystem, so we want our future creations to be born and developed there.


Participate in the creation of Season 2

Just before the launch of Season 2, we will be giving our community the opportunity to participate in our big riddle. After collecting all the suggestions (about the lore, riddles, sounds...etc) you give us, we will proceed to a vote by all community members, in order to choose the ideas that will be used in the upcoming season (or in the next ones if the ideas are very good!). Of course, the winners will receive royalties!

Start Season 2 & Advantages for S1 holders

We will launch a second season with a new universe, new puzzles and... New rewards! A significant portion of the S1 royalties will go directly into the prize pool for S2, creating one of the largest escape game prize pools of all time.

As a Season 1 holder, you will have access to hidden discord channels, but also and above all to an early access to Season 2, allowing you to leave with a slight head start. But don’t tell anyone!

Progress tracking website

After a recruitment (because we are only two after all!), we will create a tracking website, on which you will be able to connect your wallet, and have access in real time to your progress. At the end of each season, you will have access to the overall rankings. This way, we will be able to set up many rewards and trophies in a completely automatic way: «the fastest to solve the puzzle N°X», «the nicest holder (maybe not)»... etc..

Reward the players and the community

As in season one, the players and holders of the season will receive numerous prizes and awards as a thank you for their participation: Trophies, NFTs, royalties, hoodies... etc.